DNS SE Roller
  • DNS SE Roller
  • DNS SE Roller
  • DNS SE Roller
  • DNS SE Roller
  • DNS SE Roller

DNS SE Roller

Model:DNS SE

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Without the complexity of the REVO and SE+ rollers, the DNS SE is a simple to use roller with the replaceable roller attachment option. It is lower in price and a great buy for customers looking for rollers with 540 pins arrangements.
The DNS SE (Second Edition) Roller is a entirely new design introduced by our skin experts to cater for the ongoing demand for improved treatment results. Its high quality appearance is reflected by its state of the art features, including the new 540 Pins design that maximizes the contact surface for optimal coverage and the replaceable roller head that extends the life span of the roller.
1. Sterilize the roller and other treatment accessories.

2. Cleanse the treatment area thoroughly.

3. Apply serum/lotion/cream to the treatment area (purchased separately).

4. Assemble the roller accessories and turn on the respective functions.

5. Move the roller across the treatment area in all directions.

6. The whole process should not require more then 10 - 15 minutes.

7. Rinse off the residual serum/lotion/cream using fresh water.

8. Apply a cooling mask such as CO2 Gel mask for optimal treatment effect.

9. Disinfect the roller again before storage.
1 x DNS SE Handle
1 x DNS SE Attachment
* Needle Lengths:

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